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Orbis Information Systems is a leading Systems Integrator with many years of experience in delivering Laboratory Information and Manufacturing Execution systems to a wide range of customers through our two dedicated business streams: Orbis Labsystems and Orbis MES

Orbis MES is dedicated to the pursuit of Operational Excellence in Brewing Industries. We are the acknowledged thought leader in the application of MES Solutions to optimise brewery productivity, improve beer quality, and ensure compliance. The Orbis MES team of consultants, process engineers, information technologists and industry experts has over 100 years of combined experience working within the brewing sector.


Orbis Labsystems delivers integrated Laboratory Information Systems that advance laboratory automation and support compliance. We believe that integration provides that extra dimension of productivity and compliance and is a core component of the delivery. The focus of Orbis LAB is on understanding its customer business. Our industry knowledge and methodologies for analysis, design and implementation underpin the success of our solutions.

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"Laboratory Informatics Easing the Process of Environmental Monitoring"

Orbis Labsystems launches Resource Manager 2.0.